Strategic Advisory

Rivercrest Consultants monitors trends and opportunities in various markets so we are able to provide our clients with information that is timely, accurate, and relevant.  Our Rivercrest Think Tank is essential to our Strategic Advisory Services by keeping our teams on top of relevant trends and opportunities and our clients ahead of the curve.  We provide an array of Advisory Services and offer solutions related to the following:

Mergers & Acquisitions
With our strategic relationships throughout various markets and industries, our seamless global network, and our think tank approach to staying on top of timely and relevant information, we are able to leverage our knowledge to provide strategic introductions for interested parties.  Our team has the ability to keep all introductions as discreet as needed and will work to keep all lines of communication clear and open. We are not brokers.  Our specialty lies in the relationships we have forged through countless years of experience and utilizing those relationships, our research team, and our work ethic to bring together interested parties and to positively impact our client’s bottom line.  The process of bringing together these entities is similar to the process we employ in our executive search practice.

Succession Planning
Rivercrest understands firsthand how building corporate leadership capability is critical to a successful future.  Together, we can help your company design and implement succession planning systems that will be essential in identifying, developing, and retaining future leaders.  We will custom design leadership training initiatives for your organization that reflect core leadership competencies.

Compensation Analysis
We can assess your compensation structure to ensure it is competitive in the current market which allows your organization to attract top talent.  We can provide insight into various successful compensation structures and explore ways to incorporate desired concepts into your organization that will satisfy your goals.

Corporate Recruitment Assessment
We can assess your company’s approach to corporate recruitment and provide a summary of your company’s strengths and weaknesses as compared to highly successful corporate recruitment systems.   Training and implementation of best practices is available for all recruitment staff.