Privacy Policy

Rivercrest Consultants, LLC is dedicated to keeping all communications 100% discrete and confidential.  We hold ourselves to the strictest of ethical standards and understand the importance of our candidate’s and client’s confidence.  We are committed to protecting the privacy of those utilizing our services.  We do not release personally identifiable information from our clients or candidates without first gaining the consent of that individual or entity.

For our candidates, our conversations will be kept completely confidential because we understand the importance of your current position and your reputation.  You can rest assured we will be tactful and discrete throughout the entire process.  For our clients, we know that a company’s reputation and standing is of the highest importance.  This requires us to keep the recruiting process discrete as well as pushes us to continually better our process when acting as a facilitator and intermediary while providing solutions and intelligence in a consultant capacity.

Our business practices are second to none and we want your experience with Rivercrest Consultants to be positive and rewarding.