Nathan D. Pyle
President, CEO

Our founder spent several years in a successful sales career before translating his talent of forming strong business relationships into a renowned Search and Strategic Advisory Firm.  True to his degree in Speech Communication and Public Relations, his passion lies in the relationships he has forged through many years of applying a unique approach to sales, consulting, and client services.  Nathan enjoyed a highly successful career with a National Executive Search Firm before forming Rivercrest Consultants, bringing with it a much needed honest and straightforward breath of fresh air to an industry being clouded over by commodity recruiters focused more on quantity than quality.  Because of this fresh approach, Nathan is recognized by Fortune 500 firms as well as many new companies who are looking for growth through talent acquisition and timely strategic market insight.  Rivercrest is a company that includes his two passions and specialties; Executive Recruiting and Strategic Advisory.  Though he focuses most of his time on the Strategic Advisory side of Rivercrest now, he is still very much involved in the leadership of the Executive Search side of the firm and still oversees all of the client searches.  Nathan has consulted some of the most recognized organizations in the nation as well as some of the bright up and comers.

Chad Pomietlo
Senior Consultant

After earning his Bachelor of Science Degree in Criminal Justice and Sociology, Chad spent eight years in law enforecment and special operations where he was recognized for his unmatched drive and success.  If there is one area where Chad excels, it is in his ability to quickly assess and find solutions.  He does this by utilizing thoughtful questions and excellent listening skills.  It was a seamless transition when he joined the Rivercrest Team and he has been a real asset to the team ever since.  As Senior Consultant, Chad leads all search activity and is responsible for the direction of the search team.  Chad understands each of our clients' needs and moves quickly to find the right candidate for the job.  The candidates that he has worked with will tell you that he is sincere, but to the point.  He gets to know you, but he doesn't waste your time.  Chad continues to help make our searches very successful and keeps our clients and candidates very happy.    

Deborah Tolliver
Office Manager

Debbie is responsible for the continuity of all internal operations for Rivercrest Consultants.  Her duties include administrative support, billing, and scheduling to name a few.  Debbie's knowledge of our industry, along with her exceptional administrative support makes her an invaluable piece of the Rivercrest Team.